Bay of Quinte Women's Soccer League


If required to appear before a discipline hearing the participant will be given notice by email  All other decisions will be made by review and the participant will be notified as to the decision as per OSA protocol.

As per our approved rules and regulations section 15 Discipline states:

    15.1. Every team is responsible for the actions of its players, team officials,
    administrators and spectators to ensure they behave in a sportsmanlike manner.
    15.2. Every team is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent its
    players, team officials, administrators and spectators from threatening or
    assaulting anyone present at games, and especially the game official(s).
    15.3. It is an offence for any person or group of persons to bet on any game
    under the jurisdiction of the BQWSL or the District Association.
    15.4. All discipline matters shall be conducted in accordance with the O.S.A.
    Discipline Policies and Procedures as published on the O.S.A. website.
    15.5. Alleged physical assault of a game official by a player or team official
    shall result in immediate suspension of that individual until such time as the
    incident has been dealt with by a Discipline Hearing of the Southeast Ontario
    Soccer Association.
    15.6. Players and club or team officials reported for misconduct shall have
    their case managed by the Quinte Discipline Committee. Discipline by Review
    (DBR) will be used unless Discipline By Hearing (DBH) is requested by the
    offending player in writing within 3 days of the incident, or the Quinte Discipline
    Committee deems a hearing is warranted, except as stipulated by S.O.S.A or
    15.7. A player who receives a red card during a game or three yellow cards
    over several games shall be suspended for their next regularly scheduled game and
    stipulations in 15.6 will be invoked.
    15.8. A player that receives a red card will sit out the remainder of the game
    in which they received the card and the following game. At that point, the player
    may resume play until the Quinte Discipline Committee reaches a decision in
    reference to the incident.
    15.9. At all discipline hearings, the accused shall have the right to appear at
    her/his expense.
    15.10. Discipline hearings will be held as needed and be scheduled by the
    Discipline Chair, giving the minimal required 15 days notice to the offender. A
    $20 hearing fee will be payable by the offender at the beginning of the hearing.
    15.11. Failure to appear at a discipline hearing shall result in the suspension of
    the accused in all BQWSL activities until such time as the accused attends a
    discipline hearing and pays any additional fines or fees set by the Quinte
    Disciplinary Committee for non attendance.
    15.12. Any person who has been suspended as the result of a DBR or DBH shall
    not take part in any soccer activity, until the completion of her/his sentence
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